The Old Police Station
The Old Police Station The Old Police Station The Old Police Station The Old Police Station

The development team always ensure we take the appropriate care and attention to detail in all projects undertaken. The Old Police Station in Harrogate is our latest project, but to see how we have taken a past project through from beginning to end ensuring we deliver on our promises, see our work on the Purey Cust former Nuffield Hospital in the centre of York (www.thepureycust.co.uk).

The Purey Cust Building
Image: The Purey Cust, York, YO1 7EJ

We are very proud of our transformation of the Hospital, which is similar in complexity and size to the Old Police Station, as it also involved the conversion of an important historic Grade II listed building. The Hospital is only yards from York Minster, yet every individual apartment and townhouse has secure city centre parking within the grounds, which speaks volumes about the care and attention that was put into the project.

Our Vision

We are specialists in extending the useful life of listed buildings, often creating new and exciting uses beyond that which the buildings were originally designed for. The development team behind Harrogate Police Station has a vision of restoring iconic listed buildings back to their former glory.

A “listed building” is defined by the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 to mean a building which is considered to be of special architectural or historic interest included in a list compiled by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

This Old Police Station was Grade II listed because English Heritage did not want this beautiful building or any of its many period features lost forever. Buildings are listed for their special architectural or historic interest. This generally means that a building must be important for its architectural design, decoration or craftsmanship. It might be technologically innovative or display a significant plan form. To be of historic interest it must illustrate important aspects of social, economic, cultural or military history or be closely associated with nationally significant people or events. Harrogate Police Station was a unique barrack style Police Station, in that the Commanding Officers lived in houses built into the Police Station on site. We are retaining the structures of all these original houses but improving them with entirely modern fixtures and fittings, hand made state of the art kitchens and luxury bathrooms. Some of the things we do are fairly straightforward, such as sand blasting the front sandstone blocks to reveal the beautiful original pink hue the stone displayed when it was originally quarried.

Our vision is to create a luxury living environment which will be one of the most prestigious addresses in the centre of Harrogate.

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The Old Police Station